Dirty Deeds: 6 Dark Romantic Suspense Stories


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Stories in this collection were previously published. Please read the blurbs carefully before purchase.

This collection features 6 blazing hot, dark, thrilling and sinful stories. Read as beautiful, naive women submit to handsome, dangerous men who aren't afraid to get dirty in order to lay claim to their women.

Dirty Deeds contains dominant antiheroes, blackmail, unrealistic BDSM practises, public/voyeur, and age gap themes.


I had an awful past but I shook its dust off my feet.
Now, I’m married and have a thriving career as a clothing designer.
Then, one night, something shocking happens to me.
A shameful experience my husband is forced to watch by the handsome monster, Nicholas Vidal.

Dirty Officer
I fled my stifling home town, chasing a dream.
A year later, I’m still working a dead-end job at a diner.
Despite it all, I have hope good things are on the horizon for me.
Until I’m arrested for a crime I didn’t commit.
Locked up in a gloomy room in a precinct, I’m desperate to escape this living nightmare. Then Cole Foster enters my life with a promise to save me.

Dirty Lawyer
Two years ago, I did something I regret.
I thought if I buried the memory, it was as if it never happened.
But all secrets hidden in the darkness inevitably comes to light.
Maybe that’s how Lucas Vallen discovered what I did...
Because he is the darkness.

Dirty Doctor
All I wanted to do was help my friend.
I knew it was wrong.
I knew I would get in trouble.
But how else could I make seventy thousand dollars?
The thing is, cheaters never win.
And I learn this lesson the hard way when Maddix Flint shows up to my rescue.

Dirty Professor
My past is riddled with mistakes.
My present burdened with disappointment.
I should have known better, but the magic words were spoken:
More money.
When I fall, only a devil is there to catch me.
Handsome and mysterious, Graham West knows I’ve done something wrong in pursuit of the magic words.

Dirty Senator
What would you do for the ones you love?
How far would you go to protect them?
Me? I would do anything.
Even if it means blackmailing a senator.
But Senator Duncan Rochester isn’t afraid to get dirty too.

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