His Greedy Girl: Forbidden First Time Sex


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Matt, the sexy man-in-charge of me, is pissed. I got his girlfriend fired and he got dumped. He orders me to bend over, and I endure as he punishes me with swats on my tushy. Soon, Matt’s eager to deliver naughtier discipline, and he doesn’t care I’m his 18-year-old ward. It’s my first time and he’s too big, but he doesn’t plan on being gentle. He knows I like it rough.

His Greedy Girl is a sizzling taboo age gap erotic short story. It contains guardian / ward, virgin / first time, spanking, and pregnancy themes. HEA with baby included.

What's Inside

Instinctively, I pushed back into his hand, my face burning with shame. Matt let out a harsh breath that whistled through his nostrils. Then, to my surprise, he cupped my butt and squeezed it.

This was really wrong. Matt shouldn’t touch me like this. Despite the voices yelling at me to pull away from Matt’s touch, a naughty moan escaped me. I arched for more.

Matt swore then quickly pulled his hand away from me. I turned to face him. The hunger in his eyes was unmistakable—as well as the huge bulge tenting the front of his pants.

Oh my god. Clearly I wasn’t the only one affected by the spanking. Matt’s thing was hard, straining the material of his pants like a monster desperate for escape.

“Tell me the truth, Brooke,” Matt said in a husky voice as he stepped closer. “Why do you always break up my relationships?”

“I don’t like sharing your attention with other people.”

“Hm. I thought you were jealous because you wanted me.”

“That’s not it,” I said, blushing, even though I got turned on from him spanking me, and my whole body ached for that bulge in his pants.

“Right. You’re not jealous. You’re a greedy girl.” Matt took another step closer, invading my personal space again. “You want me all to yourself. But I wonder if you can handle all of me?”

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