Baby Making While My Wife Watches


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Also available as an audiobook
Audiobook Version

When I confront my cheating wife about a video of her getting it hard from three men, she begs for my forgiveness. She even goes so far as to suggest I cheat on her too. Well, OK then. I know how to make it fair. Even if it’s wrong, I’m putting a baby in my best friend’s gorgeous Little Princess while my wife watches.

What's Inside

I can’t think straight. I’m getting dizzy from the rush of blood straight to my cock. I’ve wanted to fuck Pammie for so long, it’s hard to believe it’s coming true. I break our kiss, grip the hem of her shirt and peel it off.

She’s not wearing a bra so her amazing tits are immediately bared to my gaze. Jesus. I’m looking at Pammie’s bare titties. They’re perfect. Round, full, and tipped with pink firm nipples. My mouth waters, ready to suck on them.

Pammie bites her lower lip, a shy expression on her face. Her chest and neck are as flushed as her cheeks. I reach out to cup her breasts in both hands and she gasps. Her supple flesh feels amazing in my palms. Her whimpers when I pinch and twist her nipples fuel my lust.

Moving behind Pammie, I grip her hips and walk her closer to Debra.

“Look, Debs.” I smirk at my wife. “Isn’t Pammie absolutely beautiful?”

Debra doesn’t say anything, but the jealousy burning in her gaze as she stares at Pammie fills me with vindictive pleasure.

I cup Pammie’s tits from behind and kiss her neck. She bites her lips together as if to hold back her moans. But soft whimpers still escape her as I squeeze her soft flesh and tug on her nipples.

“You like when I play with your titties, baby?” I growl against her ear.

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