His Dirty Photos: Forbidden First Time Sex


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Also available as an audiobook
Audiobook Version

I confess to Nick, the handsome older man in charge of me, that my body image issues is why I'm still untouched. Nick decides to prove I’m pretty by taking my picture. But when the shoot is over, he wants more. It’s wrong but he doesn't care. He's determined to be my first as he bends me over and shows me what his dirty photos of me did to him.

What's Inside

His hands glide down my back to cup and squeeze my behind. He makes a sound of appreciation as he gives me a gentle swat that pulls a whimper out of me. Then he grips the waist of my panties and pulls the flimsy material down my legs and off me.

“On your knees, *** in the air,” Nick demands.

I eagerly follow his command, excited by his uncharacteristic bossiness. I feel so exposed like this, especially when he does nothing else for a few seconds. His gaze burns into me, staring at my most private places that are now totally open to him.

“So perfect,” he says in a low reverent voice as he caresses me, his hand warm and gentle. “I want to capture a shot of you like this, but your pink little **** is begging me to taste it.”

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