At The Vineyard: Forbidden Age Gap Sex


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While on a summer trip in Italy, I develop a crush on Marco, my best friend's sexy man-in-charge. He invites me on a moonlit tour through his vineyard, but soon it turns into more. Pinned under his big, hard body, I shiver in anticipation when he says he won’t be gentle. It’s so wrong but it feels too good to stop. I eagerly submit to his rough loving out in the open for anyone to see.

At The Vineyard is a sizzling quick read featuring raunchy, risky rough loving.

What's Inside

He gets hungrier, his grip on me tighter. He backs me up until I’m against a tree, pinning me against it with his big, hard body as he dominates me with his kiss.

My body comes alive. My skin grows hot and the ache between my legs intensifies. I can’t believe this is happening. That my best friend’s dad and I are making out hot and heavy where anybody can see us.

Marco’s erection prods my stomach. Braver than I’ve ever been, I reach down to touch him, rubbing his firm length over his pants. Marco groans into my mouth then breaks our kiss.

“A kiss isn’t enough?” he asks, a smile in his voice. He drags his lips along my jaw and presses his lips near my ear. “Do you want me to fuck you, tesoro?”

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