On The Beach: Forbidden Age Gap Sex


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While on a tropical vacation, I’m aching for some hard attention. Will, the sexy older man in charge of my bestie, is determined to give it to me. There are people nearby to hear us but Will doesn’t care. On the beach for anyone to see, he bends me over, pulls my hair, and gives me exactly what I need.

On The Beach is a sizzling quick read featuring raunchy, risky rough loving.

What's Inside

Will groans into my mouth and slides his hands down to cup my behind. His fingers dig into my flesh as he makes a sound of satisfaction.

My head is buzzing. I can’t believe what we’re doing right now. My relationship with Will has always been so innocent. I’ve hugged him many times, but rubbing up on him like this… kissing him like this is so wrong. Will is my best friend’s dad. We’re not supposed to touch and kiss each other like this at all.

As if the universe agrees and seeks to put an end to our taboo behaviour, I hear voices and the sound of chair legs scraping on wood. Vera, Megan, and Chet have come out on the deck. All that separates them from me and Will is a thick cluster of bushes. They’re so close, their conversation on Chet’s recent yacht purchase is clear.

Alarmed, I break the kiss. “Will, we shouldn’t…” My voice comes out breathy. “Anyone can see us here.”

“I know.” And yet he doesn’t let me go. He trails kisses up my neck, his grip on me tight and possessive. “But you’ve been driving me crazy for a long time, sweetheart. I’m not letting this opportunity go to waste.”

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